Senior digital & visual designer

About me


Hi, I’m Kari Yoshime. I’m a Senior digital and visual designer, art director, design thinker and daydreamer.

With nine years of varied experience in the creative industry, I’m a strong advocate for Human Centred Design and Attention Driven Design methodologies.

Empathy. Ideation. Experimentation. That’s what get’s me excited - digging a bit deeper to find the human need behind the business need, and coming up with innovative solutions to solve creative challenges.

I’m also pleased to say I’ve just completed Special Edition, a professional development programme for women working in the digital/tech sector in Scotland - with the aim of one day reaching the boardroom. You can read more about my journey on medium.

In February 2019 I am relocating from Scotland to the Netherlands and am currently seeking opportunities for work in Amsterdam. If you think we could work together then get in touch at